What are the areas of the body most common for liposuction?


Today, many cosmetic procedures focus on treating problem areas that cause skin alterations, such as skin texture, which can visibly affect the skin’s appearance. One of the most commonly performed procedures by plastic surgeons is liposuction, which has gained popularity due to the changes that patients undergoing this treatment may experience. This is why we will mention some of the areas where liposuction is commonly performed.

Before starting, let’s remember that it is vital to go to surgeons who are certified and carry out adequate safety and cleanliness protocols. Therefore, it will be necessary to investigate the specialist’s experience and the protocols that the clinic or hospital carries out.

Well, liposuction is an intervention that belongs to the specialization of plastic surgery, which focuses on removing fat deposits that accumulate in certain parts of the body, which cause a bad appearance to the person. With the help of this treatment, it is possible to improve the silhouette of the patients since the adipocytes of fat are removed from strategic areas so that in this way, a more defined body can be obtained.

This process requires anesthesia, which will depend on how large the area is so that you can choose either local or general anesthesia and if it is accompanied by another treatment such as gastric sleeve in Tijuana. And even though it is not a procedure that causes much discomfort, you must take the required care so that the recovery can be comfortable and make use of all the necessary accessories to generate the healing process correctly.

Liposuction areas

Thanks to the fact that the necessary technology is now available, liposuction can be performed on various parts of the body.

Abdomen and back

These are areas where liposuction is frequently performed, mainly because these areas may have more fat that, despite exercise, the amount of fat located in these areas cannot be removed. To achieve this treatment, the surgeon will make small incisions in the lower part of the abdomen, where the suction device will be placed. As for the back, it will depend on where the fat accumulations are located. Since the device has a cannula and the cuts are minimal, there will be no need for sutures.

Thighs and buttocks

It is another area where there may be more complex, which is why it is one of the areas where the highest amount of liposuction is performed. The exercise that patients regularly do can be accompanied by this treatment to obtain a more contoured silhouette, where the surgeon will place the device to eliminate excess fat and improve the appearance of the skin.


It is usual for many people to have excess fat in the jowl area. Many individuals come to plastic surgery clinics to have the fat removed that is so uncomfortable. The incision for the procedure will be made under the chin so that the suction is carefully carried out until the goal is achieved. The result of this process will be an appearance of a less rounded face and a visibly longer neck.