The City Of Puerto Peñasco


Puerto Peñasco is located in the northwestern part of the state of Sonora and, in short, is one of the most touristic cities of the Mexican Republic, this thanks to the beauty of its landscapes, its business, and its nature is one of the essential northern points of the country. This concerns the entry of tourists. Its boom in foreign tourism has allowed its development in the economy and different areas. 

With a total population of 56,756 people, it is an ideal territory for those people who are thinking of investing in a place with constant growth and monetary flow. Such is the case of the Rocky Point hotels Puerto Peñasco.

Of the main activities carried out in this state, outside tourism is the sectors of real estate services or rental of goods, trade, construction, and the food and hotel industry, together make up just over 50% of the Gross Domestic Product of this territory. Currently, Puerto Peñasco is among one of the most critical states in terms of tourism, and its constant growth and economic stability open the doors to those different companies. Not only tourism but also medicine or business support services can triumph on this side of the Mexican territory. 

It can be said that Puerto Peñasco has specific vital points that encourage various national and international companies to place greater emphasis on investing in this part of the northwest of the Republic.


Definitely for a company to position itself in a territory must have a safe that allows growth, and this place in the Mexican region has less perception of insecurity. Where we try to keep these figures in negative numbers because an increase in uncertainty can seriously affect businesses that depend almost entirely on the income produced by tourism. It should be noted that thanks to the security provided by this place are one of the most liveable states of Mexico, so the increase in industries is increasing.


One of the most critical issues for a company to establish itself in an area is the opportunity provided by the place to undertake new projects, and the city of Puerto Peñasco is one of the best options to invest. Due to the rapid growth and all the opportunities it offers, several projects have been carried out that favor the growth of the economy and industries within the territory. In the same way, the government grants to all companies that wish to bet on this state a facility in all the steps. Therefore, it increases investment in different sectors.

With the increase of companies within the territory it is inevitable that there will be more demand for labor so it helps the internal economy of the state. Thanks to this boom, it is necessary for companies to have the tools required to meet the needs of the customer and their employees. This will allow the company to better manage its internal operations, which will later be reflected in costs and time savings. 

In short, Puerto Peñasco is one of the states with the highest economic growth in the entire country, making it an excellent option for any company wishing to establish its business in Mexican territory. This promotes the development of various projects that help not only the company but also the internal economy.