How to Identify the Best IMG Agency


When international medical graduates are finally done with their initial education and all of their test scores are in, many have the next step to move on and gain the US clinical experience to further their career. However, every IMG from Bangladesh to the Philippines and from India to Taiwan will be competing to get the best US clinical experience at the top hospitals within the best residency programs–the competition is extremely fierce and if you don’t know exactly what you are doing, and if you fail to get paperwork submitted at the right time, you can lose out to another student who has the upper hand in navigating the process. This is why international medical graduates invest in an IMG agency with the support of their family: to get that competitive edge and get the clinical rotations of their dreams without investing tons of time and headaches. This article will help international medical graduates and their families learn how to identify the best IMG agency capable of helping people get the best US clinical experience imaginable. 

Your IMG Agency Should be Easy to Reach, When You Need Them

When an IMG agency makes it extremely easy for their global client to contact them in a cost-effective way, 24/7, it is a true testimony to the fact they honor their customers and put them first. Some IMG agencies may run on US time from 9 to 5, and others may only use email or have a standard phone number for getting in touch. To make things worse, people are often forced to leave messages that go unanswered for days. This is unacceptable and it is simply bad customer service. 

Instead, look for an IMG agency that responds to your calls immediately, or that at least promises to get back well within 24 hours. In addition, look for an IMG agency that uses free methods for making calls, such as WhatsAp and Viber. This way IMGs from around the world can make calls without spending a ton of money. 

Many IMGs prefer email. If you are one of these, make sure the email communication is not some paste and copy template that thousands of other people get. You want the emails to be real responses directly made to you, that answer your questions or provide the right information you are looking for.

Look for an IMG Agency that Finds Medical Graduates their Ideal Housing

Finding housing is often daunting and challenging for international medical graduates seeking the US clinical experience. It is also critical to one’s success. After all, if your living accommodations are poor or present challenges, then your work will suffer. A good IMG agency will take your priorities and ensure your accommodations align. For example, if you want to live close to the hospital within walking distance, near public transportation, near a bike path, or perhaps you want to live in a trendy part of the city with a great night life to help improve that work/life balance, your IMG agency can pair you with the best house, apartment, or room to meet your needs.