How to Find the Right Online German Classes for High School Students


German is one of the top three popular language classes for American high school students to take. There are a number of reasons why. First of all, a large percentage of Americans come from German ancestry, and as a result, younger generations take online German classes to better get in touch with their culture. In addition, many high school students who want to study the humanities in college take online German classes because German literature is a popular field of study in the arts. Finally, online German classes prepare one for studying international business or law–a primary language spoken by EU councils. If you want to invest in online German classes for your high school students, this article will help you find the right program to make them fluent and successful in high school, and as they prepare for life.

Accredited Online German Classes 

First things first, accredited online German classes must be taken in order for the class to be counted for credits required to graduate high school, and that will be recognized by your child’s future college. In other words, make sure the company offering online German classes is fully accredited. You will likely need to contact your child’s school counselor to ensure the online German classes are, indeed, accredited and will help propel your child onto the next stage in their academic journey. 

One-On-One Live Instruction 

Don’t settle for some of those plug-and-play pre-loaded online German classes that use automated test-taking, grading, and that even automate lessons. Your high school student still needs a real teacher. That said, enroll him or her in online German classes taught by real certified teachers, in real time, through one-on-one instruction. This is a method that will help your student even more so that traditional classes on campus. Think about it: most American high schools have a teacher to student ratio of 1 to 30. Considering that we all learn differently, and at various paces, the teacher can only teach according to one style, and at a singular set pace. This means most students already have challenges and obstacles to versome, making the learning process even harder. 

When kids take online German classes from a high-quality language provider, they get that crucial one-on-one attention that simply isn’t possible in language classes offered on high school campuses. 

Native German Speaker with Cultural Influence

High school students will get a better German education if their teacher is a native speaker. In addition, if the teacher comes from Germany, kids taking online German classes not only learn from a native speaker who knows how to instruct communication skills and styles for various regions of the country where vernaculars are different, but they can also include elements into the lesson to teach kids about the various traditions, holidays, and cultural observances appropriate to the language. 

Contact a company that offers online German classes today, and make sure they meet these marks to ensure your child gets an amazing education.