Choosing a Weight Loss Surgeon


For a long time, there have been rumors about performing surgery in Mexico. There have been cases where people, often foreigners, go to a “specialist” surgeon and return home with significant problems. This has considerably affected the reputation of many specialist surgeons. Despite the bad spells, one of the categories of tourism that brings in the most revenue to the country and in the cities where they stand out is medical tourism. For North Americans and Canadians, Mexico is one of the preferred places to have gastric sleeve surgery in Tijuana Mexico.

How do we know if the clinic is the right one?

In order not to fall into fear or wrong hands, the clinic or hospital must always have the necessary equipment to carry out the operations, that is, that it has the appropriate areas for analysis such as laboratories, intensive care areas, blood bank, among others. It is also necessary to have a team of people who are specialized in the subject, so there will be more confident in the surgical procedure. Finally, the essential and clean material must be available for this operation to be carried out.

One of the main elements in which patients can be sure about the clinic is investigating the surgeon who is in charge of performing such operations. It is recommended that the surgeon belongs to one of the associations dedicated to surgery. In this way, it will be possible to know if he is optimal to perform the operations.

How can you know if the surgeon is the right one?

Firstly, it is crucial to investigate the surgeon’s background to find out how many years of experience he has. Another thing patients should pay full attention to is the number of procedures he offers. That is, if the surgeon offers many types of bariatric surgeries, it is necessary to investigate which of them is his specialty. Because, even though the website indicates that you can perform these surgeries, surgeons always specialize in something.

A surgeon cannot be a specialist in all types of surgery, which is entirely false. He needs a lot of preparation so that he can at least focus and develop one kind. So, if you want to be more confident about the surgeries, it is always recommended to look for those doctors who are specialized in the procedure you want.

On the other hand, people must understand that gastric sleeve surgery is not a cheap operation. Usually, prices are above 7000 dollars, so, if a clinic offers a lower price, it is better not to take risks and opt for another option. Unfortunately, many people get carried away by the amount of surgery and rely on people who are not experienced enough to perform this type of surgical procedure, putting their lives at risk. And all for the sake of saving a few dollars.

 Therefore, those who wish to undergo weight control surgery must take into account the surgeon’s experience, whether the clinic has the appropriate equipment and staff and the specialty with which the surgeon is trained. These are some points that can be taken into account to choose the right doctor and clinic so that patients feel confident about their decision.