Cinemagraphs Are Aweosme
By: | October 22nd Photography 1,740 Views

Microwave Problems

If you leave food in the microwave for too long you end up with a chargrilled mess instead of a deliciously warm meal.

By: | October 21st Funny, Technology 2,736 Views

People Who Need to Explain Themselves

Sometimes even though you see something happen right in front of you, it still makes no sense and these people need to clarify this for…

By: | October 21st Funny 5,950 Views

Scary Photos That Are Completely Authentic

These pics will give you a fright when you realise that they are totally real.

By: | October 21st Featured, General 277,334 Views

Old Set and Cast Photos of the Hit Star Wars Film “Return of the Jedi” (40 pics)
By: | October 20th Behind The Scenes 2,092 Views

A Glimpse in the Life of Floyd “Money” Mayweather
By: | October 20th Entertainment 3,377 Views

Tall People Problems

Being the bane of lunch companions everywhere. Being everyone’s go-to when they need something on a high shelf. Slowing yourself down because you always walk…

By: | October 18th Funny 4,580 Views

Stork Rentals In Buffalo New York – Baby Announcements

Having a baby or know someone who is? You need to rent a stork from Buffalo Sign Rental. Stork Rentals    

By: | October 5th The Truth 435 Views

25 Cutest Panda Photos of the Year

1. YOSHIKAZU TSUNO / Getty Images Female giant panda Shin Shin eats bamboo at Tokyo’s Ueno Zoo in April. 2. CHINA DAILY / Reuters Giant…

By: | September 30th Geography, Photography 2,221 Views

The Life of an American Teenager

During the 60s, 70s and 80s, Joseph Szabo took photographs of teenagers in America. These images now offer a revealing look at what it was like to…

By: | September 30th History, Photography 1,312 Views

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