If Companies Merged…

Some product if some companies merged…

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50 Ridiculous Products That I Want

Very absurd but I want everyone!

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Fascinating Photos Volume #5

A ‘virtual autopsy’ of King Tut revealing Pharaoh had girlish hips, a club foot and buck teeth. Further evidence shows that his parents were brother…

By: | October 28th History, Photography 1,018 Views

33 Things That Totally Look Like Each Other


By: | October 28th Funny 1,396 Views

Unusual Insects and Animals That Are Naturally Colorful

These pics look photoshopped but these animals are real and have this look all on their own.  

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Scary Ocean Creatures

These odd creatures can be found in the Mariana trench. Fanfin Seadevil Goblin Shark Barreleye Dragon Fish Frilled Shark Fangtooth Anglerfish Flashlight Fish Hatchetfish Anglerfish…

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16 Life Hacks That Will Make Your Life A Whole Lot Easier

(Introduction to Computer Science) (related article)

By: | October 23rd Self Help 1,149 Views

41 Cats In Ninja Mode
By: | October 23rd Funny 629 Views

Some things you just can’t argue with


By: | October 23rd The Truth 737 Views

Fun And Creative Halloween Costumes
By: | October 22nd General 1,531 Views

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