Strangest Coffins In The World

Wacky Coffins. How would you like to get buried in these?

By: | November 14th Design, General 873 Views

10 Celebrities That Are Surprisingly Good Tippers

Remember that godawful pizza delivery bit from this year’s Oscars ceremony? According to Vanity Fair, Ellen Degeneres and her celeb pals gave a very generous $1,000 tip to…

By: | November 12th Entertainment 1,949 Views

Beautiful Creepy Crawlers

The caterpillars in these photos are bizarre looking creatures but beautiful at the same time. Their look varies from scary to cute but they are…

By: | November 12th Animals, Photography 2,093 Views

A Few Lesser-Known Celebrity Secrets

Even though these stars are always in the public eye, there are still some things you probably don’t know about them.  

By: | November 12th Entertainment 4,978 Views

Surprising Facts About Disney Movies

Everyone loves a good Disney movie and these fun facts will teach you something about some of your favorite Disney films over time.  

By: | November 12th Entertainment 5,047 Views

Makeup Makes All the Difference


By: | November 12th Behind The Scenes 1,751 Views

Quotes about Life from “The Simpsons” That Are Really True


By: | November 10th Entertainment 2,963 Views

A Floor Worth a Pretty Penny

These people had a lot of pennies lying around and they put them to good use by creating some stunning floors in their home.  

By: | November 10th Photography 1,407 Views

A Few Thoughts That Will Change Your Outlook on Life
By: | November 10th General 2,310 Views

Kindness Is Contagious

It is actually so easy to give back to people in need but if you need some great ideas, just take a note from these…

By: | November 7th Self Help 1,482 Views

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