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Inconveniences The Technological Wonders of Modern Life Still Hasn’t Cracked

October 30th, 2014 by in General

Can’t figure it all out at once now can we?


modern inconveniences

After a long, hard day at work all most of us want to do is go home, relax and take our minds off of the stresses that employment puts us under. The same can be said of before a long, hard day at work and during long, hard days at work. For many, the commute is the hardest part of the workday. The fact that some journeys take longer now than a century ago does nothing to bolster hopes that a solution to commuting will be found any time soon.


modern inconveniences

In medieval times, infestations of rodents and parasites could get so bad that they killed 75 million people. Since then, they have thankfully been reduced to a mere annoyance. That should mean that they are on their way out, right? Wrong. Bed bug numbers are rising and rats and other scavengers are thriving in our cluttered, dirty cities.

The Common Cold

modern inconveniences

In a world where smallpox was eradicated half a century ago, vaccines for the most deadly diseases in the world are administered to us as children, and people can live normal, healthy lives with other people’s hearts beating in their chests, you’d think something as minor and simple as a cold virus can be dealt with relatively easily. Perhaps we keep it around so we have an excuse to avoid those horrible commutes for a day or two.


modern inconveniences

Schools and airports close due to snow, cars slip wildly at the first sign of ice, and when it’s too hot, AC units smaller than Wisconsin just seem to blow the hot air back into your face. But it’s just weather that can be inconvenient; the rest of nature is usually far more devastating, earthquakes, tsunamis and the like can hardly be called just inconvenient…