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Some Photos That Will Cheer You Up

Some photos that might turn your day around!

By: | March 7th Featured, General 753 Views

Some Things You Just Can’t Argue With

Some things in life there are no point to arguing.

By: | December 21st Featured, Funny, General 2,168 Views

Strangest Coffins In The World

Wacky Coffins. How would you like to get buried in these?

By: | November 14th Design, General 872 Views

A Few Thoughts That Will Change Your Outlook on Life
By: | November 10th General 2,309 Views

I Need That – Part 1

45 Exceptionally Cool Products.

By: | October 30th Featured, General 1,032 Views

Inconveniences The Technological Wonders of Modern Life Still Hasn’t Cracked

Can’t figure it all out at once now can we? Commuting After a long, hard day at work all most of us want to do…

By: | October 30th General 1,997 Views

Unusual Insects and Animals That Are Naturally Colorful

These pics look photoshopped but these animals are real and have this look all on their own.  

By: | October 28th Featured, General 231,773 Views

Scary Ocean Creatures

These odd creatures can be found in the Mariana trench. Fanfin Seadevil Goblin Shark Barreleye Dragon Fish Frilled Shark Fangtooth Anglerfish Flashlight Fish Hatchetfish Anglerfish…

By: | October 27th General 1,948 Views

Fun And Creative Halloween Costumes
By: | October 22nd General 1,531 Views

Scary Photos That Are Completely Authentic

These pics will give you a fright when you realise that they are totally real.

By: | October 21st Featured, General 277,334 Views

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