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Some Things You Just Can’t Argue With

Some things in life there are no point to arguing.

By: | December 21st Featured, Funny, General 1,137 Views

The Web’s Weirdest Web Sites

There are many strange websites online that you’ve probably never seen before but once you’ve visited them you might wish you hadn’t. flightradar24.com – Some people…

By: | November 17th Funny 6,378 Views

Making The Best Out Of A Bad Situation

Morgan Freeman, after getting caught sleeping during an interview: The business-savvy owner of this liquor store: This guy whose Oklahoma home is fresh on the…

By: | November 6th Featured, Funny 202,603 Views

How to Play a Joke on a Hotel Maid

Bert Kreischer is an American stand-up comedian who knows how to surprise a hotel maid. He always creates something funny and unusual using bedsheets and…

By: | November 6th Funny 3,636 Views

Amusing Tattoos That Are a Bit Quirky


By: | November 6th Design, Funny 1,234 Views

4 Hilarious Ways to Cover Up a Tattoo

Remember kids, tattoos are permanent. Laser technology is pretty good these days but it’s not perfect yet, so a lot of folks go the cover-up…

By: | November 5th Funny 1,351 Views

The Funniest Bumper Stickers

People who have bumper stickers like these have got to have a strange sense of humor.  

By: | November 4th Funny 2,708 Views

Funny Smart Responses
By: | November 2nd Funny 11,033 Views

30 Painfully Awful Halloween Costumes
By: | October 30th Featured, Funny 222,070 Views

50 Ridiculous Products That I Want

Very absurd but I want everyone!

By: | October 29th Funny 5,561 Views

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