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Bill Murray Is Very Very Interesting

Bill Murray is awesome!

By: | March 25th Entertainment 619 Views

Celebrity Deaths in 2014

The world lost a few famous stars this year and they will be missed.  

By: | December 21st Entertainment 1,238 Views

These Films All Turn Twenty in 2015

Tommy Boy Casino Braveheart Dangerous Minds Die Hard: With a Vengeance A Goofy Movie Bad Boys Apollo 13 Billy Maddison The Brady Bunch Movie Se7en…

By: | December 19th Entertainment 1,562 Views

10 Celebrities That Are Surprisingly Good Tippers

Remember that godawful pizza delivery bit from this year’s Oscars ceremony? According to Vanity Fair, Ellen Degeneres and her celeb pals gave a very generous $1,000 tip to…

By: | November 12th Entertainment 1,949 Views

A Few Lesser-Known Celebrity Secrets

Even though these stars are always in the public eye, there are still some things you probably don’t know about them.  

By: | November 12th Entertainment 4,978 Views

Surprising Facts About Disney Movies

Everyone loves a good Disney movie and these fun facts will teach you something about some of your favorite Disney films over time.  

By: | November 12th Entertainment 5,047 Views

Quotes about Life from “The Simpsons” That Are Really True


By: | November 10th Entertainment 2,963 Views

Extremely Awesome Simpsons Cake
By: | November 5th Entertainment, Health 937 Views

Box Office Flops With Big Actors and Directors

Even with a good cast and an excellent director, some movies just don’t meet up to the critics expectations.

By: | November 5th Entertainment 982 Views

Really Absurd Reality Shows

Reality TV has taken the world by storm but some of them are a bit too strange for words.  

By: | November 5th Entertainment 832 Views

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