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The Coolest Theaters In The World

The best venues to watch movies in the world.

By: | March 7th Behind The Scenes, Design 585 Views

Strangest Coffins In The World

Wacky Coffins. How would you like to get buried in these?

By: | November 14th Design, General 873 Views

America’s Most Haunted Prison

The Ohio State Reformatory was used during the filming of “The Shawshank Redemption”  but what most people don’t know is that it is definitely haunted….

By: | November 6th Behind The Scenes, Design 1,173 Views

Amusing Tattoos That Are a Bit Quirky


By: | November 6th Design, Funny 1,242 Views

Epic Bachelor Pad Fit For A King

This home in Los Angeles is worth $13 million and with stunning views of the city and the Pacific Ocean as well as an indoor…

By: | November 4th Design 2,471 Views

Unconventional Retro Vehicles (36 pics)

Whoever created these strange cars must have definitely had an offbeat approach to engineering.

By: | November 2nd Design, History 2,097 Views

The Hong Kong Ritz Carlton is the Tallest Hotel on the Planet

With its doors swung wide open for business this week, the 1,600-foot architectural masterpiece houses 312 hotel rooms starting on the 102nd floor. With the…

By: | November 2nd Behind The Scenes, Design 859 Views

Exquisite Luxury Homes (30 pics)


By: | November 1st Design, Photography 3,353 Views

100 Awesome Tattoos

Tattoos that the artists should be proud of!

By: | October 29th Design 1,969 Views

If Companies Merged…

Some product if some companies merged…

By: | October 29th Design 1,452 Views

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