Why You should Call an Oil Tank Removal NJ Company for a High Resale Value on Your House


Like anyone about to put their home on the market, your goal is to get full asking price, or even start a bidding war where you get above asking. But this is especially challenging in the state of NJ due to the state’s history of residential properties.

At the turn of the century, oil tanks were buried in the ground as a heating source to homes. The problem is, their life expectancy was 80 to 100 years, meaning they have already started deteriorating into the soil causing petroleum, metals, and carcinogenesis to enter your yard, ground water, and contaminate flora and fauna. Homebuyers are their realtors are savvy; they know to make sure the home’s property has been deemed oil tank-free before making an offer. That said, this article is intended to help homeowners in the Garden State learn why they should call an oil tank removal NJ company to ensure their property is free of this threat in order to make their home stand out in all the other listings. 

Oil Tank Removal NJ Companies Protect You (and Your Buyer) from Lawsuits

All to often, oil tanks will leak toxins into the soil and contaminate the environment without the property owner even being aware. But as soon as the State and Federal government find out, both bodies can sue you for several thousands. In fact, if a buyer purchases your home and there is an existing oil tank, they are liable, and not you. People often get home inspections before signing a deal on a new home to ensure there isn’t any costly foundation problems, moisture damage, or other unforeseen disasters that can rack up thousands of dollars. Demanding an oil tank removal NJ company to come out and do an oil tank sweep is no different because it lets buyers know they are making a safer investment with a lower risk factor. 

Is Your home 100 Years Old? Did Your Land Once have a Home on it in 1900?

If your home is a Victorian or was built at the turn of the century, then there is a good chance you have a buried oil tank. In fact, if your home wasn’t the original house built on your property (meaning back in the 50s an old home was torn down to make room for a new build) you likely have an oil tank in your ground. If either of these scenarios apply to you, then it is in your best interest to call an oil tank removal NJ company to come perform oil tank sweeping services. If a tank is detected the can safely remove and dispose of it. And if no tank is detected you can have a certificate to show buyers that the land is blessedly free of these hidden hazards. 

Call for an oil tank removal NJ company to come inspect your home and perform the necessary tasks to ensure you get full list price.