Why You Should Add Cell Phone Charging Lockers to Your Retail Store


If you are a business owner, a store manager or a regional manager, you are partly responsible for ensuring the growth of the business. When it comes to retail spaces, your customer’s comfort is everything. After all, the more comfortable they are, the greater their focus is on your products, and this leads to an increase in sales.

Whether people are getting their hair done, shopping, or waiting for an oil change, they live on their phones. And when cell phone batteries start to get low, people break into a nervous sweat and want to return to their cars, homes and offices where they can feed their phones some energy juice. When you invest in cell phone charging lockers from top charging station companies, you give people a reason to stay in your store, and you give them peace of mind. This article will go over the benefits in more detail and help decision-makers in your company discover why cell phone lockers can be the best thing ever invested in.

Educated Buyers Spend More Money

Now let’s talk about cell phones and how they contribute to more in-store retail sales. Consumers use cell phones for price-checking, researching various products, and looking up reviews before they make in-store purchases. In fact, according to Search Engine Land, more than 70 percent of shoppers in retail brick and mortar shops perform research on their mobile devices before making a purchasing decision from the aisle of the store. This means a charged phone leads to educated buyers who can better see how your products will improve their lives. But what about shoppers who have low batteries? Cell phone lockers allow shoppers to securely store and charge their phones while they explore your products, and by the time they are ready to do a spot of research, there will be enough juice to discover and learn!

Cell Phone Lockers Increase Dwell Time in Stores

If you have cell phone charging lockers for your customers, they will be more inclined to walk the aisles and engage with products as they kill time while their phones charge. And this behavior leads to sales. In fact, multiple studies even suggest that people spend more money when they shop if they are waiting for something (their ride to show up, or their phone to charge). When you buy cell phone charging lockers for your store, customers will spend more time on the floor shopping, and sales will go up.

Cell Phone Charging Lockers Show Your Customers You Care

Ever walk into a store and get offered a beverage by one of the employees? Getting an unexpected bonus to your shopping experience is a delight, and it makes buyers feel like you truly care about them. When you install cell phone charging lockers in your store, customers will recognize that you care and have gone out of your way to offer a level of comfort most other stores fail to touch on. This helps improve brand reputation and customer loyalty, and people buy from companies they trust and they show they care.