What You Should Look for in a Travel Size Hair Dryer


A good travel hair dryer is a must have hair styling tool for any woman on the go. But finding a high-quality option that isn’t overpriced can be challenging, especially if you don’t know what to look for in a travel size hair dryer you can use for years of travel. This article is intended to help you know what features and quality signs to look for in a travel size hair dryer that will delight and satisfy your every need.

A Travel Size Hair Dryer Must be Powerful

Sometimes it’s hard to get power in small things, but when shopping for a travel size hair dryer, you should never have to sacrifice on power. Look for a travel size hair dryer that offers all the power of a normally sized salon style dryer. There are a number of features that make a travel size hair dryer powerful. For example, a high compression turbine fan is ideal because it will give maximum power. Make sure it has dual voltage so it can be used in any country you visit.

High Quality Parts in a Travel Size Hair Dryer

If you do your research you can find an affordable travel size hair dryer that’s made from high quality materials and parts. For example, the best travel hair dryer will have a ceramic grill. Ceramic helps protect against frizz and heat damage by evenly distributing the heat. Also, look got a travel size hair dryer with ions that add shine to the hair and remove frizz. A well-made travel size dryer can add the same shine to your hair and soft touch you get when you leave the salon.

It Should Feel Good in Your Hand

Believe it or not, but a growing number of women buy travel size hair dryers to serve as their primary home hair dryer. Most traditional sized hair dryers are heavy and cause severe strain and fatigue to the wrist. There is a tremendous amount of value in finding a light-weight blow dryer, and therefore travel size hair dryers are more popular than ever because they are also used at home in addition to on the road. But weight isn’t everything; an amazing travel size hair dryer should also have an ergonomic designed handle that feels good in the hand and that removes strain from the wrist. If you have an office job or spend lots of time typing, this is especially crucial.

It Should Look Good

Some people don’t care what their coffee mug, pen or hair dryer look like. They just want something that will work. But if you care about the thought that goes into design, no matter what it is, and you like to feel good while you style your hair, then you deserve a travel size hair dryer with a sharp, elegant modern design and not some ordinary carbon copy blow dryer that looks like it was purchased from a department store catalogue.

Follow these points, and you will find a travel size hair dryer you will love for decades.