What Restaurant Chains Should Know When Buying a Food Truck for Each Location


Any savvy restaurant chain brand will know the high revenue potential and substantial ROI on running a food truck. Fast food chains like Jack in the Box, Taco Bell, Applebees, Sizzler, Pizza Hut, and Dunkin Donuts (just to name a small fraction) all have food trucks selling their menu items in several major cities across America. Clearly, the business model works for extending brick and mortar locations to the streets, and now is the time for restaurants to look into buying a food truck. 

Why Restaurants are Buying a Food Truck: Here’s Some Data

According to Mobile Cuisine, the food truck niche has grown in sales from $650 million in 2013 to $2.7 billion in 2018. The publisher also stated that most restaurant chains invest in custom-built food trucks with an average ROI in 2018 pulling in five times the investment cost of the food truck itself. Clearly, these numbers make buying a food truck a no brainer for restaurant chains, and even for a single restaurant location. But there is a crucial step: finding food truck builders that can make you a big success and part of this data we just reviewed. This means buying a food truck from a custom builder is critical to your success.

This article is intended to help restaurant owners, regional managers, CEOs, and decision-makers learn how to find the best builder and designer when buying a food truck to ensure you git your high revenue targets. 

Buying a Food Truck Starts by Looking at the Builer’s Portfolio

Buying a food truck for a restaurant will bring different needs than those commonly held by entrepreneurs and family businesses (but there are still common needs that span all business types). There are regulations and laws that dictate a number of things that go into a food truck build. From materials to floor space, and even other components like air conditioning and technology, based on your state or city, you may need to meet a variety of regulations when buying a food truck for your restaurant’s growth. Look for a food truck builder that has worked with other restaurants that had these same needs, and discover how they created a custom solution.

Also, when buying a food truck, look at the builder’s portfolio to see what types of organizations they have worked with. For example, someone who has built a food truck for a major chain like Jack in the Box and for a massive corporation like Google, already demonstrates they were able to create a high-quality food truck design under demanding conditions, and if they were contracted to build multiple food trucks, then you know you are truly working with the best. 

When Buying a Food Truck, Partner with a Growth Driven Builder

Many of your goals for increasing revenue in your restaurant’s physical location will cross over into the goals you have for your food truck, and some will be completely unique. Make sure when buying a food truck the company you work with understands your needs and how they cross over from your food truck goals, to your restaurant’s goals, and how a food truck cna increase foot traffic into your physical location, and vice-versa.