Smart implants and myths that surround breast augmentation


In 2016, Mexico ranked fourth in the world in breast implant surgeries and over time these numbers are increasing, so it is increasingly important to provide the patient with the best techniques to make the procedure look increasingly natural.

To be able to give this to people, technological innovations have been critical to this. This new type of prosthesis provides more excellent safety for the patient and the surgeon; better known as prosthesis 2.0, this type is characterized by offering a more natural appearance compared to other silicone-based implants.

The 2.0 prosthesis are lighter as they are composed of a gel that allows better stability and shape, preventing breakage. Inside the gel, there are hollow microspheres that would enable the volume to increase without the need to produce more weight. It is estimated that the pressure provided by these implants is 30% less than usual, this is ideal for women who want to increase their breasts considerably because we know that the more weight in this part, the more significant problems in the back can have.

Although it has many innovative things, definitely one of the elements that most characterize them are the chips they contain because they facilitate monitoring, ensuring patient safety. Thanks to these chips, the doctor can record data about the implant, mainly to keep track of the product.

Although this type of innovation already exists, myths about breast implants tijuana still prevail.

  1. Implants do not hinder the act of breastfeeding as many believe since the ducts through which milk passes are not obstructed, the surgeon must respect the mammary gland as much as possible so that this type of problem does not occur.
  2. Many people believe that water drop implants are the best, but this depends very much on the patient’s anatomical structure and the patient’s tastes. Those that round tend to elevate the bust more and give them a proportion, so the decision depends on the patient.
  3. It has long been believed that undergoing this type of procedure can cause cancer cells, but many scientists have determined that there is no relationship.
  4. Implants have a durability stage, so it is necessary to keep track of time. Usually, they tend to have a life span of 10 to 15 years, depending on the brand.
  5. The scar caused by the operation is not as visible as many women believe, although much depends on the person’s pigmentation.
  6. This is one of the myths that originated after the program “1000 ways to die”, in the chapter it is observed that a woman suffers a mishap because she had implants, this while traveling by plane. But really nothing happens if the person wants to travel by plane because the pressure of the environment is not enough to cause the rupture of the implant.

If the person who wishes to have this type of procedure has doubts about the operation, it is essential to consult with your doctor first so that we can clarify anything. Regardless of which implant is to be placed, it is necessary that the doctor make a preliminary examination to analyze the health and anatomical conditions of the person, to know if they can be a candidate for surgery.