Smart Dental Implants


The lack of teeth is no longer a problem that will never have a solution, with the introduction of dental implants in Tijuana. These spaces left by the loss of teeth are filled with the implantation of a screw that is embedded in the root where the tooth was supposed to be, and then place a prosthesis that simulates a real tooth. As you can see, it is an efficient solution to solve the white spaces in the oral cavity but, what would happen if the implants were added another type of functions?

Several researchers have been given the task of making implants that facilitate the life of older adults and those who suffer from a disease that requires the intake of medicines. One of the companies in search of this solution has been IntelliDrug, which has developed an intelligent device that is capable of administering the medication to the hours and quantities needed.

The objective of this corporation is to help people with chronic diseases or who have an addiction to a drug, this allows the administration to be regulated, and the corresponding hours, so there is greater control.

It is specially designed so that its shape simulates a dental prosthesis, composed of space for the drug, a valve, sensors and other components.

The purpose is for saliva to be introduced into the appliance through a membrane that slowly dissolves the medication so that it then leaves the device continuously; the medicine is absorbed by the mucous membranes located in the cheeks.

The electrical components are responsible for opening and closing the valve, which is the one that controls the doses of the antidote. For the patient to be notified by a software dental of the correct administration, signals are sent to remote control. The device can administer the medication for up to two weeks so the patient will not need to worry.

On the other hand, those that may have the ability to release anti-bacterial elements are being developed to prevent the spread of organisms that can cause infections.

The reason is that if the standard implant procedure is not done the right way, it can cause an infection between the root and the screw, making it more challenging to treat this problem. So the space between the screw and the crown serves as a reservoir for antimicrobial medications.

If the person runs out of medication, the dentist is called upon to replace the prosthesis with a full one; in this process, the implant can be maintained to avoid problems.

Without a doubt, it is an excellent option to have control of the medicines, apart from covering the aesthetic need that causes the lack of teeth, so it is a perfect combination that includes two primary requirements. As mentioned, one of the target audiences for this type of devices are older people because due to aging tend to have trouble remembering certain things, so this type of implants is ideal. Before using this type of implant, it is recommended that the person is adequately advised by a dentist to determine if it may be an option for the patient.