How to Find the Best Solar Companies San Jose Offers for Residential Buyers


San Jose, California has a huge solar panel market. Due to the fact it is the economic, political and cultural center of Silicon Valley and is the largest city in northern California, there is a huge demand for the best solar panel companies San Jose has to offer that presents residential property owners with the best deals. San Jode covers almost 180,000 square miles and therefore competition for offering the best deals on solar systems is fiercely competitive for businesses. But this puts buyers in a great position to save some money. So how can you tell which solar companies San Jose offers truly give homeowners the best deals? This article will help lead you on the right path. 

Look for Solar Companies San Jose Poses with the Best Warranties

Warranties mean everything to get the best deals on solar panel systems. And since there are so many solar companies San Jose has placed on the map, finding a solid solar panel warranty should be any local homeowner’s top priority. 

First, the best solar companies San Jose offers will have warranties that last for 25 years. Most people think 10 years is a long enough warranty on solar panels, but it isn’t’. According to Trulia most people in San Jose spend an average of 20 years in their home before they sell it for something larger, or smaller. This makes a 10-year warranty worthless. On the other hand, a 25-year warranty is more than enough time to not only cover the average time a San Jose homeowner spends on their property, but it also offers some extra years to roll over to the next homeowner.

As for things the solar panel warranty should cover, there are several items that include:

  • The solar panels themselves
  • Racking
  • Inverter
  • Performance Guarantee
  • Craftsmanship
  • Roofing


All too often, poor quality solar companies San Jose has on the map cause thousands of dollars in structural damage, water damage, and mold due to poor installations that tear up roofs, leaving holes and cracks where moisture can slowly enter over a period of time.

Look for Solar Panel Companies in San Jose that Offer Free Estimates

Not all solar panel companies San Jose offers provide potential buyers with a free estimate. Why? Because they feel there are more window shoppers than there are serious buyers. But if they don’t offer a good deal, than there’s no wonder why their sales are rubbish. The best solar panel companies in San Jose will come out at no charge to walk your property, take some measurements, analyze your utility bill over the past few years, and even give you an ETA for how long it will take for your solar panel system to pay for itself based on your usage. These solar panel companies clearly show customers the value in a good system, and this way San Jose residents get a good, accurate prediction for how long it will take to pay off the system.