Best Italian Restaurants Austin Has to Offer: From Happy Hour, to Pasta and Beyond


Austin has grown to be known as much more than a great American city for live music. It has absconded that branding to not only be recognized as a hub for music, but a culinary center for the entire country.

When most people think of fine dining or a dinner to celebrate a special occasion, Italian food tends to be synonymous. The best Italian restaurants Austin has placed on the culinary map all have one thing in common: amazing happy hours, homemade pasta and an exquisite wine list. These tips will help you find the best Italian restaurants in Austin to visit whether it is just for lunch with friends, an anniversary, or any special event.

Memorable Italian Restaurants Austin Offers Have the Best Pizza in the City

When we think of unforgettable Italian restaurants Austin offers, two things come to mind in terms of food: pasta, and pizza. While pasta almost always tops the hallmark of good italian food in Austin, pizza is actually the most consumed of the two. And finding pizza places in Austin that hold fast to traditional Italian faire can be a challenging task. When looking for the best Italian restaurants Austin has placed on the map, look for handmade pizza cooked to perfection in stone ovens. First, the tomato sauce is everything. The best pizza in Austin will have sauce made from San Marzano tomatoes. San Marzano tomatoes are the most famous of the plum variety to come from Italy. They get a rich, sweet, smoky taste due to the fact they are grown in the rich volcanic soil at the base of Mount Vesuvius–the infamous volcano that erupted in 79 AD burying Pompeii. Also, because San Marzano tomatoes have low acidity they settle well with most people and help enhance other flavor profiles in each pizza.

Handmade Pasta is a Sign that Italian Restaurants Austin Boasts are Top Quality

Pasta is the heart of Italian Restaurants Austin offers up to hungry patrons. The best Italian food Austin offers will feature a wide selection of pasta dishes for vegetarians and meat-eaters alike. Common favorites include butternut squash ravioli, squid ink pasta, pappardelle with a lamb ragu, pici with shitake mushrooms, classic spaghetti for the purists and lasagna. Make sure the Italian restaurant you are considering only makes handmade pasta, as the texture, taste and its ability to absorb sauces can;t be compared to dried pasta.

Ambiance is Everything

Italian food is such a popular cuisine because it is acceptable for any occasion. Whether you are celebrating a milestone event, or you simply want to meet up with good friends for lunch or dinner, Italian restaurants Austin offers can accommodate any need. But not all have the desired ambiance. Make sure there is a lively setting for friends and family, as well as intimate settings for dates. You should also look for a patio, as well as private dining offerings. The best Italian restaurants Austin offers not only delivers on amazing food, but on the whole dining experience!