4 Things Fleet Managers Should Look for in a Backhoe Loader


Fleet managers have a tremendous amount of responsibility. They are the backbone of an organization’s earning potential, because without construction equipment on the streets, projects would never get completed on time and the ability to hit revenue targets would be nothing but a pipedream. If you are looking to invest in a reputable backhoe that will function with high performance and reliability, this article will help by pointing out the various things to look for.


  1. Buy a Backhoe Loader from a Trusted Construction Machinery Brand

It goes without saying that anything you invest in should come from reputable origins. And when you are about to buy a backhoe loader, brand is everything. There are a number of internationally known construction equipment brands you can buy a backhoe loader from, but why research all the options when you can invest in a backhoe from the company that invented it? Case invented the first backhoe loader because it recognized a major pain point in the industry–the need for a single piece of construction machinery to perform the functions of three. Buy buying a backhoe loader from the company that invented it, you are investing in true ingenuity, unparalleled quality and creative solutions.  


  1. Quality of the Service Department

Your ability to keep your backhoe loader on the road towards completing your projects is heavily determined on the quality of the mechanics team in your construction machinery’s dealership. We already mentioned how Case invented the first backhoe loader, so let’s look at the service department at Case construction dealerships compared to others. Case construction dealerships don’t employee mechanics who were trained at some tech school to work on any array of dozers, backhows, excavators and fork lifts–they employee master technicians who went through rigorous testing and training to repair every piece of construction equipment in the Case fleet. When you buy a backhoe loader from a case construction dealership, you know you are getting the best service in the industry.


  1. Rentals

Sometimes, damage can happen to even the best backhoe loader on the market. Whether road sharpnel gets sucked up into the engine, or an internal part needs mysterious replacement and the part is not in stock, there is never an excuse that should hold up your project and keep you off the road. That said, when buying a backhoe loader, make sure the construction equipment dealership has rental machines available 24/7.


  1. Location is Key

Finally, you will want to buy a backhoe loader from a construction machinery dealership that is conveniently located near your headquarters and work sites. Being close to your dealership will offer cost-cutting convenience. If your vehicle needs immediate repairs, or a spare part, being close to a dealership and repair center will expedite service and minimize the time you are off the road. For example, Case backhoe loaders are sold by Sonsray Machinery–they are located all over California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington giving them the strongest presence on the west coast for Case backhoe loaders and a popular option for fleet managers in all industries.