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5 Weird Facts About Horses You’ve Never Heard Before

October 30th, 2014 by in Animals

They say that dogs are man’s best
friend. Can you use a dog as transportation? Can dogs pull wagons?
Can you make glue with dogs? If you were stuck in a blizzard could
you cut open a dog and sleep in its belly? Well, actually, you
probably could, but horses do it all so much better.

Horses Come in All Different Sizes

Do you think that if you’ve seen one horse, you’ve kinda seen them all? Well, you’d be wrong, because horses have a pretty wide range of sizes. Pictured is the world’s largest horse and—if you look below that towering behemoth—the world’s smallest horse. Talk about a size difference.

The miniature horse, named Thumbelina (awww) is only 17 inches tall. The big one? Six feet, seven and a half inches. That’s the average height of an NBA player. These horses are pretty awesome, but if you wanted to bet on kentucky derby races, it wouldn’t be smart to put your money on either of these guys.

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