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10 Celebrities That Are Surprisingly Good Tippers

November 12th, 2014 by in Entertainment

Remember that godawful pizza delivery bit from this year’s Oscars ceremony? According to Vanity Fair, Ellen Degeneres and her celeb pals gave a very generous $1,000 tip to the ‘za delivery dude for participating in that awkward, endless sketch we all would have given $1,000 to avoid having to watch. It makes sense why they would tip generously–after all, the whole world (well, 43 million people, anyway) was watching them. The celebs on this list are also hella good tippers…but they don’t do it just to save face. They do it ‘cause they care.

Johnny Depp

10 best celebrity tippers johnny depp


A couple years back, the Pirates of the Caribbean star left an almost 100% tip to his regular waiter at a Chicago steakhouse. How much was the tip, you ask? $4000. On a $4400 tab. According to the waiter, Mohammed A. Sekhani (who Depp calls “Mo”), Johnny “may be one of the most famous actors in the world, but he is a very humble guy and a really cool dude.” This wasn’t Depp’s first rodeo, either; he’s tipped in the thousands before at other restaurants, too. $1500? $2600? Ain’t no thang.

Drew Barrymore

10 best celebrity tippers drew barrymore


Count Drew Barrymore among the members of Hollywood’s 100% tip club. Whenever she goes out to a bar, she always pays double her bill. Ana Ortiz, a former bartender and one of the stars of Ugly Betty, used to wait on Barrymore back in the day; according to her, Drew was a constant delight who’d always tip handsomely.

Drew Carey

10 best celebrity tippers drew carey


Ms. Barrymore ain’t the only Drew in Hollywood who knows how to tip. Drew Carey, comedian and host of The Price is Right, is also a legendarily good tipper–arguably the best in Hollywood. Known to consistently give tips in the hundreds (he once tipped $400 at a steakhouse), his legend precedes him; waiters clamor to serve him whenever he shows up at their restaurant. He’s a regular at Swingers, a cafe in LA near CBS Studios; he always leaves $50-$100 tips on meals there that cost less than $20. Oh, and when the Writers Guild went on strike back in 2008, he kept tabs open at LA-area diners like Swinger’s and Mel’s…all a striking writer needed to do to get a free meal was flash their WGA card.

Taylor Swift

10 best celebrity tippers taylor swift


Tay-Tay was eating at an Italian restaurant in Philadelphia with pals Ed Sheeran and Austin Mahone when she found out the head chef’s autistic son was a big fan of her music. For a tip, she left a couple concert tickets AND $500. The whole lot of ‘em posed for pictures, too. Damnit, she is too perfect. WHEN ARE YOU GONNA SLIP UP, TAYLOR?


10 best celebrity tippers jay-z


Jay-Z appreciates the finer things in life–designer clothes, expensive meals, Beyonce. That being the case, he loves fancy champagne. During a party celebrating the release of Watch the Throne, the album he made with equally ostentatious rapper Kanye West, he ordered $250,000 worth of bubby; when it came time to pay the bill, he wasn’t stingy, giving the waitstaff a $50,000 tip. Maybe he was just drunk.

Russell Crowe

10 best celebrity tippers russell crowe


The intense Aussie actor, on a break from filming Robin Hood, once left a $1000 tip on a bar tab–not only did he tip handsomely, he also hung out with the bar’s staff and performed a few songs. I’m assuming he paid the staff…to listen to his music? ‘Cause personally, I’d have to get paid some serious bank in order to do so.

President Obama

10 best celebrity tippers president obama


The Leader of the Free World knows good service, like freedom, ain’t free. At a campaign stop he once left a 900 percent tip on a beer; it cost $2, but he gave the bartender $20. That’s change…we can believe in! (Sorry, that pun was awful. Please, if you can, find it in your heart to forgive me.)

David Beckham

10 best celebrity tippers david beckham


Becks once added an extra zero to a $100 bar tab, in the process tipping his waiter a whopping $900. He and his team were celebrating a win over Manchester in a LA-area pub (in addition to being an underwear model and husband of Posh Spice, it seems Beckham also somehow finds time to play pro soccer). He even signed autographs and suffered through uncomfortable hugs! According to one member of the waitstaff, “I hugged him so tight and he didn’t mind at all.”

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